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Gorham High School
41 Morrill Ave.,
Gorham ME 04038
Phone: (207)222-1100
FAX: (207) 839-7742

Attention School Volunteers.  It is time to register to volunteer for the new school year.  You must have a completed registration, including background check, in place before you begin to volunteer.  So sign up today to be ready for September activities.  Click on this link to reach the forms.

Gorham High School Administrative Staff
Brian Jandreau

Kim Slipp
Assistant Principal

Ryan Watts
Assistant Principal

Debbie Stirling
Administrative Assistant

Laura Ryan,
School Secretary

School Resource Officer(s)- Michael Coffin   Wayne Drown
Tim Spear
Athletic Director

Laurie Anderson
Administrative Assistant


Dr. Ross Greene, Lives in the Balance, a video presented on May 9, 2016 at GMS
Raising Human Beings: Parenting to Foster the Better Side of Human Nature

111610_95308_0.pngFood and Fitness Fun newsletters from Nutrition and Food Services

Heads-up to students -- laptops should always be closed when you step away from your desk. This prevents other students from picking up your laptop by the screen and cracking it, which will be YOUR responsibility.

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The Gorham schools are committed to the belief that all of our students will find success in school